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What characteristics does SKD61 steel have?

After heat treatment, SKD61 is a middle carbon steel, tool steel, and mold steel that has a high degree of hardness and wear resistance.

What is the SKD61’s thermal conductivity?

Thermal conductivity (W/mK): 24 (20oC); specific gravity (7.8 g/cm3); and modulus of elasticity (GPa): 205.

What ingredients make up SKD61?

The following composition is equivalent to SKD61 steel: C 0.39, Si 1, Mn 0, Cr 5, V 0, and Mo 1.3 make up the formula.

Product Overviews

Specification  :

Size round Dia 15mm~500mm
flat Thickness  10mm-400mm
Width   60mm-810mm
Technique Cold Drawn/Cold Pilfered/Cold Rolled/Hot Rolled/forge-
Process EAF+LF+VD+ESR+Forged/Hot rolled + Heat Treatment (Annealed, Normalized, Q+T)
Heat treatment Normalized ; Annealed ; Quenched ; Tempered
Surface Condition Black surface ; Grinded ; Machined/Turned
Inspection 100% Ultrasonic according to the test standards: SEP1921-84, CLASS C/c or D/d
Payment Terms T/T; L/C
Trade Terms FOB,CIF, CFR
Packing Standard seaworthy packing or as the customer required

 Chemical Composition :

C Si Mn Cr Mo V P S
0.35-0.42 0.8-1.2 0.25-0.5 4.80~5.50 1.0-1.5 0.80-1.15 ≤0.030 ≤0.020

Equivalent  Grade :

4Cr5MoSiV1 H13 1.2344 SKD61 X40CrMoV5-1 4Ch5MF1S

Heat Treatment :

Heat treatment temperature ℃ Condition changing standard
Annealing Quench Tempering Nitriding Ac Ar Ms
820~ 870 Annealing 1000~ 1050 Air cooling 550~ 650 Air cooling 480~650 947~918 769~725 280

 Product Feature :

  1. High strength, friction-stand, and good anti-hot-melt charismatics.
  2. With tempering hardening characteristics, resistance to high temperature: the anti-high-temperature fatigue resistance.
  3. Zinc, aluminum, and magnesium alloy die-casting mold steel.
  4. Thermal processing mold steel.
  5. Tools for high-temperature conditions, such as punches, reamers, rolling knives, cutting knives and scissors, etc.

 Application :

SKD61 Tool Steel is found in different types of die-casting dies for aluminum, magnesium, and zinc, extrusion dies for aluminum and brass, liners, mandrels, pressure pads, followers, bolsters, die cases, die holders and adaptor rings for copper and brass extrusion.  SKD61 is used to hot stamp and press forge dies, split hot heading dies, gripper dies, hot punching, piercing, and trimming tools. And the SKD61 tool steel also applications include plastic molds, shear blades for hot work, and hot swaging dies.

Main Product list



Production list
HOT WORK TOOL STEEL H13 1.2344 w302 SKD61 4Х5МФ1С
H11 1.2343 w300 SKD6 4Х5МФС
H10 1.2365 w320 / 3X3M3Ф
H21 1.2581 / SKD5 3X2B8Ф
/ 1.2367 / / /
D3 1.2080 K100 SKD1 Х12
/ 1.2601 K105 SKD11 Х12МФ
O1 1.2510 K460 SKS3 9ХВГ
O2 1.2842 K720 / /
A2 1.2363 K305 SKD12 /
A8 /   / /
D6 1.2436 K107 / /
/ / / DC53 /
S7 1.2357 / / /
L2 1.2210 / / /
  1.2767 K600 SKT6  
PLASTIC MOLD STEEL 420 1.2083 / SUS420J2  
  1.2085 /    
/ 1.2316 / /  
BEARING STEEL 52100 1.3505 / SUJ2 ШХ15





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